About Us

Being a native of the historical Boston area in Massachusetts and growing up with the wonderful changing seasons was my inspiration to follow my creative impulses. I fell in love with all the beauty in nature’s earth tones.

I explored my creative talents further by attending several large art schools and then began doing commissioned work for portraits working in pencil and charcoal, around that same time I also was working on book illustrations for a local history book. But I always held a true love for animals, so when I started sketching animals my drawings landed me a position working for a local jewelry company, where I acquired the knowledge for many of the jewelry making processes I now use in my designs.

A couple of years after my husband and I were married we relocated to Oklahoma to open a small accounting firm. In the first several years I found it difficult to balance both my artistic endeavors and managing an accounting firm, so my art was put on hold up until a few years ago. Then one day I was searching online for art and handcrafted items and my search brought me to Etsy.com and it was love at first sight, I couldn't believe it was possible to find so many creative people in one place. This was just the beginning for me. I found it was nearly impossible to keep up to all of the new ideas I had in mind. I began by making Kumihimo Jewelry and then adding my wire wrapped pendants. I wanted something more, I loved bright colors and also the warm colors of nature and wanted to find other ways to bring out their true beauty. It was at this time I started creating my bohemian and tribal beaded bracelets. My Cat bracelet has become my signature bracelet and that has brought me to making several more designs. I have found my true creative love in jewelry designing and that of my animals, so whenever I can, I incorporate animals into many of my creations. Look in my shop and you will find Owls, Foxes, Snakes, Dogs, and Kitties, these are and will forever be my true inspiration…